Department of Psychology

Honours Program

The Psychology Department offers honours study leading to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree, and a Certificate of Honours Standing (Honours Equivalency)—academic regulation 26.

The honours program is intended for students of above average ability who wish to proceed to graduate work in psychology or related fields or who intend to pursue careers in psychology. For admission to honours in psychology, students at the time of application must have:

  • a minimum CGPA of 3.00;
  • completed at least eighteen (18) credit hours in PSYC courses;
  • a minimum GPA of 3.30 in PSYC courses;
  • a minimum grade of B in each of PSYC 2340 and PSYC 2350

These requirements are minimum standards only. 

Because the Department has limited resources for offering the honours program, some students who meet the minimum standards may have to be denied admission.

The deadline for submission is April 30, 2020.

In addition to the ‘Saint Mary's University Application for Admission’ form (available online, at the Service Centre or from the Psychology department secretary), and only once a thesis Supervisor has been secured, applicants should submit the following in electronic format to David Bourgeois, Psychology Undergraduate Program Coordinator at

  1. The completed version of this form
  2. A typewritten, double-spaced personal statement explaining your interest in pursuing the Honours Program in our department (limited to 1 page).