Department of Astronomy & Physics

Oscillating Neutron Halo

The IRIS research team has recently observed evidence of a new phenomenon, the soft resonance in a halo, that was precited two decades ago. This occurs when the halo neutrons and core oscillate giving rise to a very low-energy unbound dipole state. The experiment, was carried out using the IRIS facility located at TRIUMF, Vancouver. where the beam of 11Li  collided with a novel solid deuterium target. This target is the novelty of IRIS, giving it the capacity to explore such rare phenomena. The end products of the collision were detected, from which the researchers could re-construct the excitation spectrum of 11Li.

The results were published in Physical Review Letters involving post doctoral fellow, Alisher Sanetullaev,  graduate student, Jaspreet Randhawa and undergraduate students Matthew Keefe and Julia Purcell, together with the project leader R. Kanungo from Saint Mary’s University.


IRIS is a facility led by Saint Mary's University in collaboration with TRIUMF, RCNP,  KEK (Japan), University of Guelph, Simon Fraser University and McMaster University.

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