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Program Options

The Certificate of Japanese Studies is available as outlined below.

Certificate of Japanese Studies (CER JPST)

This certificate program in Japanese Studies is designed to provide linguistic, cultural and practical knowledge to persons interested in studying about or working in Japan. The program consists of twenty-four (24) credit hours. It is intended for undergraduate students, persons already holding degrees in any discipline, and mature students with relevant work experience.


The Certificate of Japanese Studies requires a formal application for admission. The official approval of the Asian Studies Coordinator is a prerequisite for admission to the program. Students majoring in Asian Studies at Saint Mary's University are not eligible for this program.

A student of the program must complete at least eighteen (18) credit hours at Saint Mary's University. Relevant academic courses, work experience and linguistic capability may be considered for credit recognition. Applicants should submit a resume of relevant work experience, official university transcripts and any other relevant documentation.

Program Courses

This program consists of twelve (12) required credit hours and a number of optional credit hours. All students are required to take Japanese 1100.0 (Introductory Japanese) and Japanese 2200.0 (Intermediate Japanese). Students must also select twelve (12) optional credit hours in at least two different disciplines from the following courses:

ANTH 2326.1(.2); ANTH 2327.1(.2); ASNT 3300.1(.2); ASNT 3302.1(.2); ASNT 2303.1(.2); ASNT 4410.1(.2); GEOG 3360.1(.2); HIST 1222.1(2); HIST 1223.1(2); HIST 2354.1(.2); HIST 2355.1(2); HIST 2356.1(2); HIST 4511.1(2); RELS 2327.1 (.2); RELS 2340.1(.2).

At least twelve (12) credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above. Detailed descriptions are found under Departmental listing. Not all courses will be offered each year.

Requirements for Graduation

Students are encouraged to complete the program within five years. A minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00 in the Certificate of Japanese Studies is required.

Students who have completed all the courses without being officially admitted to the program will not be accredited.