Department of Modern Languages & Classics


The following programs are available in German Studies: a major, a minor, a concentration, and a certificate in German Language and Culture.

Minor in German Studies
A minor in German Studies consists of twenty-four (24) credit hours, with at least twelve (12) of these being at the 3000 level or above. Normally, the first twelve (12) credit hour courses for the minor will be 1000 and 2000 level German language courses, followed by twelve (12) credit hours to be chosen from offerings in literatures and cultural studies.

Students entering the minor program with previous knowledge of German should consult the Coordinator for German studies or the Chairperson of Modern Languages and Classics. A minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00 is required for courses in the minor program.

Certificate in German Language and Culture (CER GLST)
The certificate program in German language and culture is designed to provide linguistic and cultural knowledge to persons interested in studying and/or working in a German-speaking country.

The program consists of twenty-four (24) credit hours.

Admission to the program leading to the Certificate in German Language and Culture requires a formal application for admission and the official approval of the Coordinator for German Studies. Application forms are available from the Registrar. Students majoring in German at Saint Mary's University are not eligible for this program. Eighteen (18) of the twenty-four (24) credit hours must be completed at Saint Mary's.

Program Courses
The program consists of twelve (12) required credit hours in language--GRMN 1101.1(2) and 1102.1(2) and/or 2201.1(2), or 2202.1(2) and/or 3311.1(2) and a number of optional credit hours. These optional credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above, and will be chosen from the following courses:

  • GRMN 3304.1(2) German Culture and Civilization
  • GRMN 3307.1(2) Introduction to German Literature
  • GRMN 3308.1(2) Modern German Literature
  • GRMN 3330.1(.2) Introduction to Business German I
  • GRMN 3331.1(.2) Introduction to Business German II
  • HIST 2304.0 Europe 1848-1989
  • HIST 3405.1(2) Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 3406.1(2) Ideas and Politics in Early Modern Europe

Other course choices are possible, subject to the approval of the Coordinator for German Studies.

A minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00 in this certificate program is required.

Students who have completed all the courses without being officially admitted to the program will not be accredited.