Department of Modern Languages & Classics

Calendar Courses

1100.0 Introductory Modern Chinese
An introduction to spoken and written modern Chinese (Mandarin). Conversational drill and comprehension exercises in the classroom and laboratory provide practice in pronunciation and in the use of the basic patterns of speech. Chinese ideographs are introduced and studied in combinations. Reading progresses from prepared materials to selections from contemporary writings.

2200.0 Intermediate Modern Chinese
Prerequisite: CHNS 1100.0.
A continuation of CHNS 1100.0, this course is intended to develop proficiency in both oral and written Chinese with emphasis on comprehension. Textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and modern short stories will be used, especially in the second semester, to help students acquire the ability to read and write.

3300.1(2) Advanced Oral and Written Chinese I
Prerequisite: CHNS 2200.0
This course offers an opportunity to build and refine students; ability to comprehend and to communicate effectively in Chinese.

3301.1(2) Advanced Oral and Written Chinese II
Prerequisite: CHNS 3300.1(2)
This course is a continuation of CHNS 3300.1(2).