Department of Mathematics & Computing Science

Faculty and Staff

Name Position E-mail Address Phone Number
J. Irving Chairperson 902-420-5792
P. Muir Computing Science Advisor 902-420-5794
M. Mastnak Mathematics Advisor 902-420-5783
S. Konstantinidis Graduate Students Coordinator 902-420-5117


Name E-mail Address Phone Number Office
Y. Akiyama 902-420-5072 MN132
R. Dawson 902-420-5796 MN105
A. Finbow 902-420-5785 MN108
W. Finbow-Singh 902-496-8738 MN102
A. Hare 902-420-5786 MN104
B. Hartnell Sabbatical 902-420-5787 MN130
J. Irving
902-420-5792 MN123
B. Khan 902-420-5789 MN129
S. Konstantinidis Sabbatical 902-420-5117 MN131
P. Lingras 902-420-5798 MN107
M. Mastnak 902-420-5783 MN124
P. Muir 902-420-5794 MN125
S. Oore -     
on leave  
J. Poovvancheri
902-491-6427  MN120 
D. Rojas 902-496-8154 MN103
P. Scobey 902-420-5790 MN126
J. Faddoul 902-420-5117 MN131
J. Young  902-496-8152 MN128


Part Time Faculty
Name E-mail Address Phone Number Office
F. Bayeh 902-496-8153 MN119
F. Bayeh 902-496-8153 MN119
D. Colter 902-496-8153 MN119
A. Ellis 902-496-8152 MN128
W. Finden 902-496-8153 MN119
A. Fraser 902-496-8153 MN119
T. Goldsmith
902-496-8153 MN119
F. Lyne 902-496-8153 MN119
M. McCurdy 902-496-8153 MN119
N. Neveditsin 902-420-5893 MN118
C. Somers 902-496-8153 MN119
M. Young 902-496-8153 MN119


Support Staff
Name Position E-mail Address Phone Number Office
Rose Daurie Secretary 902-420-5784 MN114
Nikita Neveditsin  Technician Programmer  902-420-5893 MN118


Adjunct Professors
Name E-mail Address Institution
Ronald Haynes Memorial University of Newfoundland
Norma Linney Saint Mary's University
Tami Meredith Saint Mary's University
Jocelyne Faddoul Saint Mary's University