Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Mary Elizabeth Clark, 1994

Neighbourhood Change in the Old North End of Halifax; Inner City Halifax, Nova Scotia January 1984 - March 1994


This study examines new constructions and renovations of historic housing in a 7 block area set in the Old North End of Halifax. Building Permits and at site checks will serve as data to identify the incidences of renovation and construction and then will be mapped. Once mapped, the completed work by influential agents will be discussed with the aid of photographs. Rather than individual persons renovating homes it is believed that 'agents' have bought several homes and have renovated them.

A questionnaire was distributed to the population of the area to determine its demographic mix and whether or not the residents may be defined as gentry or incumbent upgraders-both own their homes but the gentry has a higher socio-economic status. There is not a strong ethnic mix in the area, but there is a significant student, gay, and 'artistic' influence. There is a difference between the gentry's and incumbent upgraders reasons for locating in the area. The gentry placed more importance on style and investment of the home itself while the incumbent upgraders placed more importance on the family and friends in the area.

The agents have been influential in changing the area's negative image and encouraging migrants to locate in the area. There is more need of investigation of how migrants are encouraged to move back-to-the-city.