Department of Astronomy & Physics

The intergalactic medium at the end of reionization

Speaker: Laura Keating (CITA, University of Toronto)
Time: October 26, 2018 - 3:00 PM
Location: Loyola 171


Studying the luminous sources responsible for reionizing the Universe directly is difficult, as they are challenging to identify. An alternative method is to instead look for signatures of reionization in the diffuse gas between these sources. In this talk I will discuss my work modelling the intergalactic medium during the epoch of reionization, as seen through quasar absorption lines. I will make comparisons between high resolution cosmological radiative transfer simulations and observations of the high-redshift Lyman-alpha forest. I will show that the current data seem to point towards a very late reionization, with large islands of neutral gas still found below redshift 5.5.


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