Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Larry James Peach, 1991

Physical Impact of Suburban Development on the First Lake Watershed, Halifax County, 1964-1989


In the First Lake watershed of Halifax County, Nova Scotia, the effects of human development on land use and water quality have been documented from 1964 to 1989. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a historical watershed synthesis in order to understand the changes over time.

The land-use change analysis indicated that residential households have largely replaced forested land as the primary watershed land use. This human impact has resulted in water quality changes in First Lake. A historical analysis of the various chemical, physical and bacterial data types has illustrated a slight deterioration in water quality.

This synthesis of existing water quality data is the first comprehensive overview of the First Lake watershed. It is hoped that this thesis will serve as a guide for any subsequent watershed research, as well as to provide insight and recommendations on future First Lake watershed development.