Department of Astronomy & Physics

Jason Sharpe, M.Sc.

Congratulations to Jason Sharpe who successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis, "Design and Construction Elements for Scintillating Fibre Tracking Detectors." Supervisor Professor Adam Sarty. Committee: Professors Robert Singer, Mahbub Khandaker (Norfolk State University), and David Hornidge (Mount Allison University).

Jason's thesis discusses technical issues associated with designing and constructing a scintillating fibre tracker. His results will be directly incorporated into the construction of a scintillating fibre coordinate detector to be built for future experiments at Jefferson Lab's Hall A in Newport News, VA, USA.

In Jason's words: "In many nuclear and particle physics experiments, scientists need to know precise information about a particle, such as the direction it is traveling. A common way to determine this is by using a detector called a scintillating fibre tracker. This detector can determine the path of ionizing particles, a fancy word for any particle that causes electrons to separate from the atom or molecule they are bonded to. The detector relies on a phenomenon called scintillation, which is simply a very fast emission of light after a particle passes through a scintillating fibre. The released light then travels down the fibre to be seen by a light-to-electric converter, to allow scientists to collect information."

Shows normalized light transmission ratios for various optical couplant and fibre-end finish combinations. Optical grease in combination with factory or polished finish provide the highest light transmission efficiency.

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