Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Jason C. May, 2005

Inland Distribution Terminal:  A Location Search 


Currently, high volumes of container truck traffic must pass through the capital district of Halifax in order to service the needs of the South-End container terminal. Within this study, the concept of the inland distribution terminal is explored as a means of minimizing the number of trucks required to service the terminal; a concept which would also minimize the deleterious effects that high volumes of large vehicles are having on the city center. This study first explores how an inland distribution terminal could work in the context of Halifax, and then attempts to find an ideal location for such a facility. The locational search utilizes a series of criteria, which correspond to the necessary site and situation characteristics of the proposed facility, to both select and eliminate possible sites for the facility. The study concludes with the location of single parcel of land, within the Bedford area of Halifax Regional Municipality, which satisfies all of the site and situation criteria. This location is identified as the most likely location for an inland distribution facility to service the Port of Halifax.