Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

James B. Ross, 1986

An Interpretation and Analysis of the Geomorphology of the Lower Avon River Valley, Hants County, Nova Scotia


The purpose of this thesis is twofold. First it attempts to provide an understanding of the geomorphology of the lower Avon River Valley, Hants County, Nova Scotia, through an interpretation and analysis of the geomorphology with the use of air photographs aided by field verification. Second, it seeks to contribute to the growing body of literature on the geomorphology of Nova Scotia and thereby facilitates the future assessment of land-use trends and possibilities in the Avon Valley.

It was ascertained that the geomorphological processes at work in the valley can be divided into three distinct time periods, each with a significant impact on the geomorphological development of the valley: 1. Processes that occurred in pre-glacial time which formed the geological substructure of the valley; 2. Processes that occurred during glacial time and were either glacial and/or fluvial-glacial depositional features in nature; and 3. Processes that occurred post-glacially and were mainly fluvial in origin or man-made.