Department of Modern Languages & Classics

Department of Modern Languages and Classics, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS, Canada. Archaeological Field School in the Basentello Valley, Italy

Since 2004 students from universities across North America have participated in the San Felice Archaeological Field School associated with the Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project (BVARP). In July and August of 2013, the Department of Modern Languages and Classics will once again offer a field school in Roman archaeology in southern Italy to be taught by Dr. Myles McCallum. This year, students will be involved in the excavation of a Roman villa, part of an imperial estate, at the site of San Felice, in the territory of Gravina in Puglia (Puglia), as well as the regional survey of the territory of Genzano di Lucania (Basilicata).

The course offers students the opportunity to learn the basic techniques and methodologies associated with archaeological excavation, including photography, artifact and ecofact recovery, drawing, and artifact processing and analysis, as well as survey, including field walking, site identification, digital mapping, and GIS. Students are graded on their ability to learn and practice good archaeological field and laboratory techniques, keep a site notebook, complete archaeological documentation, and 2 exams. For those students who already have archaeological field experience, the course may be taken for advanced credit and different grading criteria will be used.

On weekends, there will be organized tours of nearby archaeological sites and museums, and a weekend trip to the Bay of Naples to visit Pompeii. While on the field school, students will live in rental apartments in the towns of Gravina in Puglia and Banzi, which will allow them to immerse themselves in the laidback lifestyle of small town in southern Italy.

Participation Fee: $2,500.00 (CAD), estimated and subject to change. This covers all meals and lodging associated with course and course material. It does not include travel to Italy and tuition and fees. This fee is not fixed and is subject to change.

Academic Credit: 6.0 credit hours (CLAS 3610: Field Study in Roman Archaeology and CLAS 3611: Archaeology Laboratory). These courses are offered through the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Tuition and Fees: For 6.0 credit hours of courses at Saint Mary's University. The cost varies depending on the student's status. Please see the Saint Mary's University Academic Calendar for more information.