Irish Studies

Program Requirements

The Major Program

To obtain a major in Irish Studies, forty-two (42) credit hours are required, including:

  • IRST 1201.1(.2) An Introduction to Modern Irish
  • IRST 1202.1(.2) Modern Irish Language
  • IRST 2325.1(.2) Intermediate Irish I
  • IRST 2326.1(.2) Intermediate Irish II
  • IRST 3460.1(.2)/HIST 3460.1(.2) Issues in Modern Irish History
  • IRST 3470.1(.2) Irish Studies Seminar

Plus twenty-four (24) credit hours, twelve (12) credit hours of which must be at the 3000 level and approved by the Co-ordinator of Irish studies.

The Minor Program

The following program constitutes a minor in Irish Studies according to the “Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts” as stated in Section 3 of the Calendar:

Six (6) credit hours in IRST at the 1000 level

Plus eighteen (18) credit hours approved by the Co-ordinator of Irish Studies.

The Concentration Program

To obtain a concentration in Irish Studies in partial fulfillment of the B.A. General degree (i.e., one with Double Arts Concentrations and a minimum of ninety (90) credit hours), a minimum of twenty-four (24) credit hours in IRST is required; also a minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00. Further details are available from the Co-ordinator.

Advising worksheet is available here.