Irish Studies

Faculty, Staff and Consultants

Seán Kennedy

Professor of English and Coordinator of Irish Studies
Ph.D. from National University of Ireland - Galway

Area of specialty and research:

Degeneration & the politics of Irish
Samuel Beckett
Queering Ireland
Ireland in Psychoanalysis
Introduction to Drama II
Introduction to Literature
Irish Poetry
Irish Literature and Culture
Literature of Modern Ireland
he Study of Short Fiction

Pádraig Ó Siadhail

Professor and The Thomas D'Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies
Sabbatical September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019
Ph.D. from Trinity College, Dublin

Area of specialty and research:

Litríocht na Gaeilge: an 20ú hAois/20th Century Irish language literature
Drámaíocht na Gaeilge/Irish language drama and theatre
Piaras Béaslaí, Katherine Hughes and James Mooney: Scairt an Dúchais/Irish political and cultural activists born and raised outside Ireland 

Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Professor of Political Science
Ph.D. from Carleton University
Thesis Supervision

Area of specialty and research:

Canadian Politics
Comparative Politics
Women, Gender, and Politics
Constitutional Politics in Canada and the United Kingdom
Feminist Theory
Partisan Politics
Public Policy, Social Policy and Law
Representational, State and Democratic Theories and Practices
Citizenship, Migration, Security
UK Politics
Democratic Theory
Representational Forms: Parties, Interest Groups and Social Movements
Women and Public Policy

Kate Dunlay

Part-time Professor
M.A. from Indiana University

Area of specialty and research:

Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Traditional and early music of 18th-century Scotland

Karly Kehoe Professor
Senior Lecturer in History at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
Ph.D. from University of Glasgow
Thesis Supervision

Area of specialty and research:

Irish and Scottish diasporas
British world
History of Catholicism
Slavery and Scotland 

Joseph Murphy

Part-time Professor
M.Eng. from Canadian Coast Guard College
Area of specialty and research:

Scottish Gaelic (language)
Gaelic songs of Nova Scotia
Irish Songs in English
Gaels of Cape Breton

Terrence Murphy

Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies and History
Ph.D. from University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Area of specialty and research:

Christianity in the Middle Ages
Contemporary Society and Religion
History of Christianity: Reformation and Modern Era
Introduction to Christianity
Introduction to Western Religions
Modern Christian Thought
Religion in English-Speaking Canada
Religion in French-Speaking Canada
Religion in Western Culture
The Development of Christian Ideas
The Later Reformation
The Reformation

John G. Reid

Professor of History and Senior Fellow of the Gorsebrook Research Institute for Atlantic Canada Studies
Ph.D. from University of New Brunswick

Area of specialty and research:

Early Modern Northeastern North America
History of Atlantic Canada
History of Higher Education 

Michael Vance

Professor of History
Ph.D. from University of Guelph

Area of specialty and research:

British History
British emigration and settlement
Immigrant Identity
British Colonization

Ariel Watson

Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D. from Yale University

Jerry White

Associate Professor at Dalhousie University; Canada Research Chair in European Studies; and Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University
Ph.D. from the University of Alberta

Area of specialty and research:

Irish studies
Canadian literature
Modernist literature
Film studies
European studies
Minority languages
Quebec cinema