International Development Studies Program

Working Papers

The Working Paper Series is designed to promote discussion of work-in-progress by researchers and graduate students in the International Development Studies program, as well as by scholars in the field. Papers published in this series have been reviewed by the Editorial Committee of the International Development Studies Program, and recommended by at least one specialist in the field external to the program.

Hard copies of these working papers are available on request.  


Darcy Tetreault:  The Mechanisms of Canadian Imperialism in Latin America's Mining Sector (2015).  IDS Working Paper No 15.1.


Milford Bateman: The Rise and Fall of Muhammad Yunus and the Microcredit Model (2014) IDS Working Paper No. 14.1 

Robert Devlin: The New Industrial Policy In Latin America (2014) IDS Working Paper No. 14.2

Milford Bateman: Zombie-like persistence of failed local neoliberalism: The case of UNDP’s Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) network in Latin America (2014) IDS Working Paper No 14.3

Henry Veltmeyer: The New Geoeconomics of Capital in Latin America: The Political Economy of Natural Resource Extraction in an Era of Post-Neoliberal Capitalist Development (2014) IDS Working Paper No. 14.4


Raúl Delgado Wise: The Dilemma of Highly-Skilled Mexican Migration: Brain Circulation or a New Mode of Dependency? (2013) IDS Working Paper No 13.1

Walden Bello: The Battle for Food Sovereignty in the Philippines: Lessons for the Global South (2013) IDS Working Paper No. 13.2


Bienefeld, Manfred: From NICs to BRICS: Smoke and Mirrors in the Official Development Debate (2012) IDS Working paper No. 12.2 

Girvan, Norman: 50 Years of In-Dependence in Jamaica: SMU Public Lecture (2012) IDS Working paper No. 12.4 

Tetreault, Darcy: The Political Ecology of Mining Mexico (2012) IDS Working paper No. 12. 3 

Sagebien, Julia: Strange Bedfellows (2012) IDS Working paper No. 12.8

Winson, Tony: Globalization of the “American Diet” (2012) IDS Working paper No. 12.5


Bello, Walden: Conditional Cash Transfers, Poverty and Politics (2011) IDS Working paper No. 11.5 

Diaz, Beatrize: The Cuban Human Development Experience (2011) IDS Working paper No. 11.2

Tetreault, Darcy: Food Sovereignty and Agroecology: Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Rural Communities in Mexico and Elsewhere in Latin America (2011) IDS Working paper No. 11.4 

Tharamangalam, Joseph: The Kerala Modelof Development in the Era of Neoliberal Reforms: New Contradictions, Old and New Questions (2012) IDS Working paper No. 11.1 

Veltmeyer, Henry: Plural Economy and Community in Bolivia (2011) IDS Working paper No. 11.7 


Surendra J. Patel: In Tribute to the Golden Age of South's Development (1991) Working Paper No. 91.5

Surendra J. Patel: East Asia's Explosive Development: Its Relevance to Theories and Strategies (1993) Working Paper No. 93.5

Henry Veltmeyer: The Search for Alternative Development (1997) Working Paper No. 97.2

Henry Veltmeyer: Canada and the Social Reconstruction of El Salvador: A Case of Non-Participatory Development (1997) Working Paper No. 97.3

Surendra J. Patel: New Paradigms for the Third Millennium (1997) Working Paper No. 97.4

Manfred Bienefeld: The State and Civil Society: The Political Economy of the "New Social Policy" (1997)

Krishna Ahooja-Patel: Emerging Gender Distance in India and China (1998) Working Paper No. 98.9.2

Henry Veltmeyer: The Social and Political Dynamics of Economic Reform in Bolivia (1998) Working Paper No. 98.10

Anthony H. O'Malley: The Role of 'Community' in Development Analysis (1998) Working Paper No. 98.10.1

Henry Veltmeyer: The Dynamics of Social Change in Mexico (1998) Working Paper No. 98.20

Jane Papart: Rethinking Participation, Empowerment and Development from a Gender Perspective (1999) Working Paper No. 99.1

Linda Freeman: Southern Africa After Apartheid (1999) Working Paper No. 99.3

Surendra Patel: The Uruguay Round: Its Portents For the Future (1999) Working Paper No. 99.9.1

Manfred Bienefeld: Asia's Financial Crisis: The End of An Era (1999) Working Paper No. 99.10.2

James Petras: Globalization: A Critical Analysis (1999) Working Paper No. 99.10.3

Dennis Canterbury: Employment Effects of Economic Liberalization and Structural Adjustment in the Caribbean: The Case of Guyana (1999) Working Paper No. 99.11.3

Michael Clow: The Limits of Economic Growth and the Possibilities for Sustainable Development (1999) Working Paper No. 99.11.4

Paulo M. Eusébio: The Neoliberal Counter-Revolution (1999) Working Paper No. 99.1.5

Paul Bowles: Regionalism and Development After (?) The Global Financial Crises (1999) Working Paper No. 99.12.1

Surendra J. Patel: From Unctad III to the Third Millennium (1999)

Jospeph Tharamangalam:  The Perils of Social Development Without Economic Growth: The Development Debacle of Kerala, India / A Rejoinder (2000) Working Paper No. 00.02.03

David Ast: Ethno-Cultural Survival in Post-Hurricane Mitch Nicaragua: Tales from the BOSAWAS Biosphere (2000) Working Paper No. 00.9.1

Raúl Delgado Wise: Mexico: The Dialectics of Export Growth (2000) Working Paper No. 00.10.2

Paul Bowles: Asia's Post-Crisis Regionalism: Bringing the State Back in, Keeping the (United) States Out (2000) Working Paper No.

George W. Schuyler: Venezuela and Cuba in the Age of Globalization: Health Care and Development (2000) Working Paper No. 00.10.4

Victor M. Figueroa: Latin America: The Present Pattern of Industrial Colonialism (2001) Working Paper No. 01.11.2

Henry Veltmeyer: Reverse Aid: Neoliberalism as a Catalyst of Regression (2001) Working Paper No. 01.11.3

Isaac Saney: Cuba: Revolution in Development (2002) Working Paper No. 02.01.1

Victor M. Figueroa: Oligarquia Financiera y Trabajo en el Capitalismo Actual (2002) Working Paper No. 02.01.2

John Loxley: Imperialism and Economic Reform in Africa: What's New About the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) Working Paper (2002) No. 02.11.3

Michael Clow: Moving Beyond 'Sustainable Development': Prospects and Problems (2003) Working Paper No. 03.01.1

Raúl Delgado Wise: Critical Dimensions of Mexico-US Migration Under the Aegis of Neoliberal Globalism (2003) Working Paper No. 03.1.9

Busha J. Taa: Racism, (in)Equity and Development (2003) Working Paper No. 03.2.9

Jan Knippers Black: NGOs: New Actors for New Challenges in Development and Human Rights

Paul Bowles: Globalization and Neoliberalism: A Taxonomy and Some Implications for Anti-Globalism (2003) Working Paper No. 03.11.04

Kari Polanyi Levitt: Development in Question (2004) Working Paper No. 04.9.01

Krishna Ahooja-Patel: UN: The Unfinished Social Agenda (2004) Working Paper No. 04.9.02

Luciano Vasapollo: From Globalization to Global Competition in the European Community*

Norman Girvan: Lessons from the Struggle for a New International Technology Order (2005) Working Paper No. 05-10.1

Osvaldo Sunkel: The Precarious Sustainability of Democracy in Latin America (2006) Working Paper No. 06-10.1

Marta Núñez-Sarmiento: A Gender Approach to an Impossible Transition (2007) Working Paper No. 9.1.07

Walden Bello: Crises and the Retreat from Globalization in Asia (2007) Working Paper No. 07-10.1

Henry Veltmeyer: Peasants in an Era of Neoliberal Globalization: Latin America on the Move

Joseph Tharamangalam: The Kerala Model of Development in the Era of Neoliberal Reforms: New Contradictions, Old and New Questions (2010) Working Paper 17.9.10

Walden Bello: Conditional Cash Transfers, Poverty, and Politics (2010) Working Paper 10.2.10

Kevin Malseed: Where There is no Movement: Local Resistance and the Potential for Solidarity

Kari Polanyi Levitt: Mercantilist Origins of Capitalism and its Legacies: From Birth to Decline of Western Hegemony (2010) Working Paper 11.12.10