Department of History

Honours Programs

HistoryHonoursImageTo obtain an Honours degree in History, students must:

  1. Satisfy the requirements of the major program.
  2. Complete twelve (12.0) credit hours above the 1000 level of which at least nine (9.0) are at the 4000 level.
  3. Complete History 4500 (6.0 credit hours): the Honours Seminar, which includes attendance at a weekly seminar as well as researching and writing an Honours Thesis under the direction of a supervisor.

Please Note:
Students, in consultation with the Department and/or Program Advisor, must formally declare the particular field of study in which they wish to take an Honours degree after completing eighteen (18.0) credit hours in the field, or after completing sixty (60.0) credit hours in the BA.

In order to qualify for the honours program, students must obtain a cumulative quality point average of 3.0 and have no grade in a History course lower than a C and must satisfy the general regulations governing honours degrees in the University Calendar‌, pp 202.

Certificate of Honours Equivalency

Students who have graduated without Honours, but who satisfiy the eligibility requirements for completing Honours can apply to take the Certificate of Honours Equivalency.

If accepted, they would then take 30 credit hours worth of courses and aim to satisfy the requirements listed above.

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