Department of History



  • The Louvre Museum   
  • The British Library   
  • Eurodocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents - Transcriptions and facsimiles of documents. An excellent & comprehensive website   
  • Web Gallery of Art - The Web Gallery of Art contains over 8,500 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. Site includes a search engine, an Artist Index, biographies of artists and information on the images.   

Medieval & Renaissance

  • The Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Renaissance to the 20th Century  
  • Early Modern Women Database Hosted by the University of Maryland, this gateway provides links to resources for the study of women in early modern Europe and the Americas c.1500-1800. Some medieval and 19th C resources too. Site provides a search engine.   
  • Internet Archive of Texts and Documents Primary texts and secondary sources available online. The site, hosted by Hanover College, focuses on the Italian Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Reformation, the Witch Hunts   
  • Medieval and Renaissance Web - The website of the Western European Specialists Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries designed to provide access to scholarly resources on all aspects of the Western Middle Ages and the Renaissance.   
  • Paris at the time of Philippe-Auguste

17th & 18th century