Department of Geology

Jacob J. Hanley


Ph.D., 2005, University of Toronto

Office: Science Building, S415
Contact: Jacob Hanley
Phone: 902-491-6334
Fax: 902-496-8104

Research Interests

  • Quantitative fluid and melt inclusion studies in magmatic ore-forming systems with a focus on Ni-Cu-PGE and alkalic porphyry deposits
  • Ore body characterization with a focus on understanding the mineralogical factors controlling PGE and deleterious metal (e.g., As, Pb) distribution
  • Hydrothermal experimental studies involving the synthesis of fluid and melt inclusions
  • Alteration and stable isotope studies surrounding magmatic ore deposits with a focus on the Sudbury Igneous Complex
  • LA-ICPMS trace element analysis of Archeological slags and metallic artifacts


  • GEOL 3312: Igneous Petrology
  • GEOL 3453: Principles of Geochemistry
  • GEOL 3454: Applied Geochemistry
  • GEOL 4441: Mineral Resources
  • GEOL 4400: International Field School
  • GEOL 4450: Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Current research:

Currently, I have a group of 7 M.Sc. students and 2 B.Sc. students working on fluid and melt inclusion studies in hydrothermal-magmatic ore-forming systems, with a focus on:

(i) platinum-group element deposits in unconventional (porphyry) and conventional (mafic-ultramafic) settings, intrusion-related Au-W-Mo deposits, and some sediment-hosted base metal systems

(ii) fluid inclusion stable isotope and noble gas isotope systematics in ore-forming system Sr, Pb, He, Xe, Ar, Kr, Ne),

(iii) the application of synthetic fluid inclusions and novel hydrothermal experimental techniques in quantifying platinum-group element and base metal solubility in aqueous and non-aqueous fluid.

Studies are in progress at the Bushveld Complex (South Africa), Greendale Complex (Nova Scotia), Sudbury Igneous Complex (Canada), Skaergaard Complex (Greenland), Tintina Gold Belt (Yukon and Alaska), and a variety of alkalic Cu-Au porphyry systems in southern and central British Columbia (Afton, Mt. Milligan). Collaborations with Craig Hart (University of British Columbia), Roberto Moretti (University of Naples II), Ilya Veksler (GFZ Potsdam), E.T.C. Spooner/Colin Bray/J. Mungall (University of Toronto), Dan Kontak/Joe Petrus/Harold Gibson (Laurentian University), T. Pettke (University of Bern) and C.Heinrich/M. Guillong/Z.Zajacz (ETH Zürich), J. Potter and F. Longstaff (University of Western Ontario), and Alex Hofstra and Andrew Hunt (USGS). A major goal of these studies is to develop cost-effective geochemical exploration criteria that may be used to identify mineralized intrusions.Close collaborations with ETH Zurich and Laurentian University involves the routine application of laser ablation ICP-MS in analyzing single fluid and melt inclusions for a variety of trace elements including ore metals.

Additionally, I am collaborating with Dr. Katie Cottreau-Robins at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History on a project involving the use of LA-ICPMS to determine provenance of copper artifacts from pre-contact native archeological sites in the Maritimes. Our research is funded by NSERC, CFI, NSRIT, Yukon Geoscience, Geoscience NWT, the Government of Canada, KGHM International, and Vale Canada.

Refereed publications since 2003:

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25. A. Karim, J. J. Hanley, G. Pe-Piper, D.J.W. Piper (2012), in press, AAPG Bulletin Paleohydrogeological and thermal events recorded by fluid inclusions, stable isotopes and geochemistry of diagenetic minerals in Lower Cretaceous sandstones, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Invited and keynote lectures and seminars

Note: Not listed here are ~50 other non-invited, regular oral and poster contributions as first author or with student first-authors since 2001

17. J.J. Hanley (August 2013) Melt inclusions in ankaramitic and high-K ultramafic lavas in southern British Columbia, Canada: a record of the transfer of highly-siderophile elements from mantle to crust. Invited oral presentation. Invited oral presentation at the V.M. Goldschmidt Conference, Florence, Italy

16. J.J. Hanley (January 2012) The origin of early hydrothermal fluids associated with the Sudbury structure deduced from fluid inclusion Sr, C and H isotope analysis. Invited lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science Department, Cambridge, U.S.A.

15. J.J. Hanley (June, 2012) The origin of early hydrothermal fluids associated with the Sudbury structure deduced from fluid inclusion Sr, C and H isotope analysis. Keynote oral presentation at the PACROFI-XI Conference, Windsor, Ontario

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12. J. J. Hanley and Maureen MacKenzie (May, 2009) Incorporation of platinum-group elements into subsidiary pyrite in alkalic Cu-Au porphyry deposits: significant implications for precious metal distribution in felsic magmatic-hydrothermal systems. Invited oral presentation at the Spring Joint AGU-GAC-MAC assembly, Toronto, Canada

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