Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Graduate Theses

The Master of Arts in Geography provides opportunities for advanced study in both human and physical geography. The graduate program in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies commenced in 2012. In addition to the MA in Geography, the department supervises graduate students in the Master of Applied Science, Master of International Development Studies, and Atlantic Canada Studies. A profile of current and alumni graduate students is listed below.  


Francis-Walker, Jodi-Ann


To Stay or Leave?: An Assessment of the Social, Economic, and Political Factors that Influence International Students when Deciding to Remain in, or Leave Nova Scotia, Upon Graduation 

Larter, Patrick 


Does time heal all wounds? : The restoration of place attachment after loss of place : the case study of Point Pleasant Park after Hurricane Juan 

MacIsaac, Brittany


An Investigation of Factors that Influence Coastal Communities' Ability to Adopt or Participate in Climate Change Adaptation Planning in the Atlantic Provinces 

Neatt, Kevin


Built-Environment Variables Influencing Aggregate Walking: A Multivariate Analysis of Halifax Neighbours