Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Geography is both a social science as well as a natural science. Students may major in geography and obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. In either case forty-eight (48) geography credit hours are required. Not only must students meet the geography requirements to qualify for a major in geography in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, they must also meet individual Faculty requirements to qualify for the degree (see relevant sections of the Calendar). Students in the Faculty of Arts must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (an average grade of C) in courses used to meet the minimum credit requirements for the major. Students in the Faculty of Science must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.2 in all of those courses used to satisy the major subject area.

General requirements for a Major in a Bachelor of Arts program:

Forty-eight (48) credit-hours i. GEOG 1100 and GEOG 1200; ii. GEOG 2306, GEOG 2356 and GEOG 2386; iii. Three (3) credit-hours from GEOG 3326, GEOG 3356, GEOG 3386 or GEOG 3416; iv. Nine (9) credit-hours in GEOG at the 4000-level; and v. Twenty-one (21) credit-hours in GEOG. Note: In addition to the eighteen (18) credit hours defined in (i), (ii) and (iii), the thirty (30) additional credit hours in GEOG may be taken from any group (A, B, C, D). After the student attains forty-eight (48) credit hours in GEOG, only Group A, C, and D courses count towards the Faculty of Arts regulation for Major and Honours students to complete “sixty-six (66) credit-hours in Arts subjects at the 2000-level or above” (Faculty of Arts Regulation 1a). Additional Group B courses could be taken as electives.

Bachelor of Arts Honours

  1. Depending on whether the student is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, the regulations of the respective Faculty apply to admission, continuance and graduation from the honours program.
  2. To be admitted to the honours program, a student must have at least a B standing in geography courses and have obtained satisfactory grades in non-geography courses. Possession of the minimum requirements does not establish the right of an applicant to be admitted, or readmitted, to the program.
  3. Each year students should seek advice on their program of courses from the Honours Program Coordinator.
  4. Students admitted to the program are responsible for finding a member of the Department to act as their Honours supervisor.
  5. Complete details regarding the Honours Thesis are contained in Regulations for the Honours Thesis (Geography 4526) available from the Departmental secretary.
  6. Besides meeting the respective Faculty credit hours and grade level requirements, students must complete a total of seventy-two (72) credit hours in geography to qualify for graduation with honours.

Requirements for Honours in a Bachelor of Arts Degree Seventy-two (72) credit-hours:

i. GEOG 1100 and GEOG 1200

ii. GEOG 2306, GEOG 2356 and GEOG 2386

iii. GEOG 3326 or GEOG 3416

iv. GEOG 3356 or GEOG 3386

v. GEOG 3004 and GEOG 4406

vi. GEOG 4526

vii. Thirty-nine (39) other GEOG credit hours from any group of which at least six (6) credit hours must be at the 4000-level