Faculty of Science

Terms of Service

Interpreting Services, within the Faculty of Science, requires all freelance interpreters who wish to work with us to agree to the Terms of Service. This document reflects the expectations and standards for the provision of services through Interpreting Services.

The Terms of Service includes information pertaining to:

  • Necessary qualifications
  • Booking and invoicing details
  • Professional fees
  • Cancellation information

Terms of Service  5.0. March, 2019.

Please contact the staff interpreter with any questions or concerns. 

Best Practices

In addition to the Terms of Service, which pertains to contractual operations, there are also Best Practice documents which outline the expected standards for the quality of interpreting services provided by the team. These best practices have been developed based on the experiences of Dr. Campbell and the interpreters who have worked with her.

These best practices may not suit all academic interpreting settings, nor do they outline the only way to approach a given situation. They are provided to show what has been successful to date, and offer a starting point in discussions.


     Best Practices      Resources for Interpreters
Best Practice - General Expectations Resource for Interpreters - Cancelled Assignment Expectations 
Best Practice - Interpreting and Walking Simultaneously   Resource for Interpreters - General SMU Safety Information  
Best Practice - Interpreting Media Interactions   Resource for Interpreters - Working with Deaf Academic & Researcher 
Best Practice - Lab and Field Safety    
Best Practice - Teaming Strategies  


Parking Considerations

Parking on site can be challenging during the academic year. please keep this in mind when calculating the travel time needed to arrive on campus, and be ready to work no less than 15 minutes before the start time.

The SMU campus parking map can be found here. Note: there is a pay and display lot on Inglis Street, along with meters available within other parking lots.

There is also street parking available surrounding the university varying from one-hour to all day. Available street parking can be difficult to locate especially during the academic year.

The closest paid high rise parking lot is at the IWK off of University Street.



Resources for ASL- English Interpreters

There is a plethora of resources available online nowadays with varying degrees of quality. The resources compiled here have either been developed in-house or are links to external resources. All the resources are provided to guide interpreters in their preparation and professional development.


Professional Development Plan

This Professional Development Plan Form is provided as a resource to you and you do not need to provide your completed form to the staff interpreter. The plan was developed by the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority and has been edited to suit the needs of the Saint Mary’s University, Faculty of Science Interpreting Services.Resource for Interpreters - Professional Development Plan


Dr. Campbell's Research Group

Research Lab Website

Dr. Campbell's Twitter account


ASL Resources

ASL Clear


ASL Core

Atomic Hands

Deaf TEC



English Resources

Zotero Interpreting Services Library: if you would like to be added, please first create a new Zotero account and send the staff interpreter your Zotero user name. 

The SMU Patrick Power Library and Interpreting Services have a variety of interpreting related articles and publications available. Resource for Interpreters - Interpreting related publications for more details on the titles available. Resource for Interpreters - How to obtain a library card for informaiton on how to obtain a library card. 

Often we are faced with an English word that we are unsure of how to pronounce. Here are a few websites.


Author Name Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation of Biological Latin

Pronouncing Scientific Names

Resource for Interpreters - Dictionaries, Encyclopedia's, Glossaries for a compilation of online science dictionaries, encyclopedia’s, and glossaries. LINK TO DOC


SMU News

Interpreting Services sends out regular newsletters to our roster of interpreters. If you would like to be added to the email distribution list please contact the staff interpreter.



Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters

Maritime Association of Professional Sign Language Interpreters

Canadian Association of the Deaf