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Visual and Verbal Language Dynamics - AVLIC 2014 , conference presentation

Deaf Culture and Working with an Interpreter Information Session (December 2011, April 2012)

Saint Mary’s University Presentation - Co-presentation Linda Campbell and Susan Cargill, Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (September 2009)

Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters (June 2008)

  • Chapter 6 - Academic and Educational Interpreting from the other side of the Classroom: Working with Deaf Academics
  • Chapter 7 - Walking a Fine Line

Interacting with a Deaf Colleague and Academic Interpreters (January 2006) The Centre for Teaching and Learning - Linda Campbell

Academic and Scientific Interpreting: Your and My Perspectives? (April 2005) SLINC Workshop Presentation

Your Deaf Colleague (September 2004) Queen's University Departmental Talk