Department of English Language and Literature


‌Department Mission 
The Department of English Language and Literature offers a wide variety of courses leading up to both major and minor concentrations in English, as well as an honours degree. The core of the program reflects a traditional approach to English studies, including literary-historical and genre courses. What makes the department distinctive, however, are a number of courses cross-listed with other disciplines or programs, such as Atlantic Canada Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Linguistics, Irish Studies, and Creative Writing.  This feature allows students to expand their area of academic study in ways that reflect interdisciplinary approaches and their own developing interests.

Course Equivalencies 
All Saint Mary's English courses have direct or indirect equivalents at Dalhousie and Mount Saint Vincent Universities so you can take appropriate courses from these institutions to meet both major and minor requirements. Consult the department chair for specific course equivalencies. You must take at least 50% of your courses at Saint Mary's to get a B.A., and 75% of your courses must be taken at Saint Mary's for you to qualify for a distinction.

The English Handbook

The English Handbook provides information about the English program at Saint Mary's University. Every effort has been made to provide correct information, but the University Calendar and Timetable are the official documents as far as academic regulations and class schedules are concerned.

The handbook is divided into two parts:

  • General information about the discipline of English and about the Saint Mary's University English Department, and
  • Descriptions and reading lists for the department's 2017-2018 course offerings.

2018-2019 Handbook

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