Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Daniel Tyson Daoust, 2006

A Community-Based Monitoring Framework for Nova Scotia: Increasing the Efficiency of Environmental Stewardship in the Province


This research explores the current state of Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) in Nova Scotia in an attempt to modify the Pollock and Whitelaw conceptual CBM framework (2005) into a useable CBM framework for stewardship groups in Nova Scotia. The researcher uses an 18 question survey and interviews 15 participants, representing 11 different CBM groups throughout the Province. The survey aids the researcher in identifying current gaps and problems related to CBM in Nova Scotia from the community standpoint. The survey also collects feedback from groups regarding the Pollock and Whitelaw conceptual CBM framework (2005). The results are then summarized and a proposed CBM framework, created through information gathered by the survey, as well as from other existing frameworks is presented. The framework presented in this document addresses a majority of the concerns identified by groups in their surveys. Of the problems identified by groups, the researcher singles out the current gap between CBM groups and decision makers as the greatest shortfall of CBM in Nova Scotia. The researcher concludes that although the proposed framework is viable, the average CBM group needs documentation that is more specific and comprehensive, of which a framework is only a guide.