Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Saint Mary’s University offers undergraduate education in a supportive and friendly environment. Our broad range of courses offers a rigorous core education in the theory and practice of chemistry. We also provide students in other disciplines with an introduction to the principles and practices of this central science, which contributes to their fundamental understanding and appreciation of the physical world.

Our chemistry professors are committed to engaging undergraduate students in research activities. Motivated students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience as research assistants. Many present their research projects at regional and national conferences.  Students who may have an interest in a specific area of research are encourged to contact our Chemistry Faculty members directly.

Both our Majors and Honours programs are fully accredited‌ by the Canadian Society for Chemistry.



Peer-reviewed publication:

Bačić, G., Rankine, C.D.; Masuda, J.D.; Wann, D.A.; Barry, S.T.

Volatile and Thermally Stable Polymeric Tin Trifluoroacetates, Inorganic Chemistry, 2020



Peer-reviewed publication:

Land, M.A.; Robertson, K.N.; Barry, S.T.

Ligand-Assisted Volatilization and Thermal Stability of Bis(imido)dichloromolybdenum(VI) ([(t-BuN═)2MoCl2]2) and Its Adducts, Organometallics, 2019.

First PhD publication from SMU MSc graduate Michael Land and involving a collaboration with SMU chemistry department crystallography expert Kathy Robertson.



Peer-reviewed publication:

Griffiths, M.B.E; Dubrawski, Z.S.; Bacic, G.; Japahuge, A.; Masuda, J.D.; Zeng, T.; Barry, S.T.

Controlling the Thermal Stability and Volatility of Organogold(I) Compounds for Vapour Deposition with Complementary Ligand Design, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2019.