Department of Chemistry

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Every year, the Department of Chemistry employs registered Saint Mary’s University Science Students as Teaching Assistants (TAs) to help with the operation of specific courses. Some positions are highly interactive and involve answering student questions or running demonstrations during classes or labs, while other positions require low- to no-student-interaction (e.g., marking labs and quizzes).

How to Apply

All Student Teaching Assistant Applications may either be emailed, delivered in person or sent via your local postal service.  To begin, review all the requirements for each of the TA Job Descriptions, then review our job offerings/positions (Available TA Jobs) to determine your interest and the positions that the department is offering.  Complete the TA-Application Form, and if applicable, the TA-Availabilty Times/Blank Schedule Form‌.  When ready to submit your application, review the "TA-How to Apply" instructions to determine the correct method in delivering your application to the Department for review.

How to Apply

  • Review the Available TA Jobs currently required & the job description for each job offered.
  • Complete an application, attach an unofficial current Saint Mary's University transcript, and, if applicable, complete and attach the available times schedule‌ (only if you are applying for a Lab Preparation Assistant Job)
  • Once completed either email your application to or deliver to the Science Building Assignment Drop-off/Mail Box #23, 1 st Floor Science Building by the deadline noted.
  • More detailed instructions may be found here‌.

Note: The application deadline is Wednesday, Noon, December 12, 2018.

TA Jobs

TA Job Descriptions

Please review each Job Description as there have been some modifications; particularly with regards to the “hourly requirements” of the job.