Department of Chemistry

Seminars & Events

The Department of Chemistry hosts guest speakers from local industry, research institutes, other universities, and from our own campus as part of a regular seminar series during the academic year. Most talks are open to the public.

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2018-2019 Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

Oct 19,


Dr. Saurabh S. Chitnis
Department of Chemistry
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS


Translational Main Group Chemistry – From Fundamental to Functional (abstract)


Time: 11:30 AM; Location: Atrium AT101


Oct 26, 2018


Dr. Avena Ross
Department of Chemistry
Queen's University, Kingston, ON


Approaches for accessing and studying the encoded natural product potential of marine proteobacteria (abstract)


Time: 9:30 AM; Location: Burke B205


Oct 26, 


Student Presentations (Critical Reviews)
Department of Chemistry
Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS


Various Topics Selected for Discusion & Review


Time: 11:30 AM;
Locations: Atrium AT101 & Burke "Theatre B"


Nov 2, 2018 


Dr. Heather Reader
Department of Chemistry
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL


Fingerprinting dissolved organic matter: An approach to a better understanding of the chemical nature of reduced carbon in the ocean (abstract)


Time:  11:30 AM; Location: Atrium AT101


Nov 9, 2018


Dr. Youla S. Tsantrizos
Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry
McGill University, Montreal, PQ


Engineering Phosphorus-Containing Molecules (abstract)


Time: 11:30 AM; Location: Atrium AT101