Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Bruce Argue, 1998

Classification of Sandy Beaches Along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia


The purpose of this study was to develop a classification for sandy beaches along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Aerial photography, field surveys, topographic maps, beach cross section profiles and published material were incorporated into the description of the beaches. The description consisted of four main headings: (1) morphology, (2) vegetation, (3) beach environment, and (4) human activities.

Similarities and dissimilarities were drawn from the description of the beaches. Beaches were placed into classes with other beaches that have similar attributes. The result was the formation of four classes: (1) parallel semi-protected, (2) perpendicular protected, (3) perpendicular exposed relict ridges, and (4) perpendicular exposed single foredune. The description of the beaches logically place the beaches in only one of the available classes.