Department of Biology

Timothy Frasier, Ph.D.

B.Sc., University of North Dakota
Ph.D., McMaster University
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


I am primarily interested in marine mammal behaviour, ecology, and conservation, and the ways in which genetic analyses can be used to obtain a better understanding of these topics. My interests are also starting to branch out into three other topics as well. The first is theoretical/mathematical population genetics, in that I am becoming increasingly interested in the molecular markers themselves and the factors that drive the patterns of genetic variation that we see in populations today. Secondly, most of my work has been with endangered species, and I am becoming increasingly interested in the general biology of small populations, the factors influencing individual reproductive success in particular, and how these individual patterns influence population-wide trends. Lastly, I am becoming increasingly involved in forensic work and training. I have a keen interest in the use of genetic data in forensic cases, and the ways in which DNA typing is changing forensics as a whole.

For more information about me, my lab, students, or research, see my Research Webpage