Department of Biology


The Department of Biology offers a Major, Honours, Minor, and a concentration in biology.  A Double Major or Double Honours in Biology and another science can be completed.  Students may also pursue a cooperative education option. 

Opportunities for graduate study is available through the MSc in Applied Science program.

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Academic Regulations

In order to graduate with a BSc degree in Biology, all students must comply with the academic regulations pertaining to the major AND the requirements of the Faculty of Science. If a student is unclear about these regulations, it is advisable to make an appointment with the Science Undergraduate Advisor in Science Advising Centre.

Academic Advising

If you have any questions about degree requirements, please contact the Science Advising Centre.

Students can also receive advice on course selection and major-planning from the Departmental Chair, Dr. Susan Bjornson, in S538 on Tuesdays 2-4 pm. To make an appointment, please contact the DepartmentalSecretary, Janet White, at 420-5643 or email

Course Descriptions

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All Biology courses have a 3 hour per week lab component unless otherwise noted. Students must pass both the laboratory and the lecture components of a course to pass the course. Majors must achieve a minimum grade of C in all Biology courses applied to their degree.

Directed Study in Biology (BIOL 4876-4899)

These courses are available to senior students who have specific interests in a particular topic in biology and want to further coursework in that area. The course is completed over one academic term (including Summer Sessions) and is directed by a faculty member. The course must be initiated by the student and directed by a faculty member. The student will approach a faculty member and they will jointly develop course content, an evaluation scheme and a schedule for the course. Once a faculty member has agreed to provide direction on the subject matter for the course the ApplicationforDirectedStudy-Update0708 must be completed with a course title, description and evaluation scheme attached. The form then goes to the Chair of Biology for course number selection and final authorization.

Directed Study courses are offered at the discretion of individual faculty members. Professors are not obligated to deliver a course, even if a request is made.


If you have any questions about your degree requirements, contact the Science Advising Centre.