Department of Biology

Kevin Vessey, Ph.D.

B.Sc., Dalhousie University
M.Sc., Dalhousie University
Ph.D., Queen's University
Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


I have been trained as a plant physiologist, working at the biochemical to whole plant levels of biological organization. I have an expert level of understanding of primary biochemical pathways, integrative cell structure and function, tissue organization and function, assimilate partitioning within and between tissues, whole plant growth, and plant responses to their environment. From my undergraduate and MSc education, I have a working knowledge of ecology and plant physiological-ecology. From my post-doctoral position to the present, I have gained expertise in crop physiology (physiology of crop plants in agronomic settings from the plant to the agro-ecosystem levels of organization) and a working knowledge of crop production.

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