Department of Biology

Hugh Broders, Ph.D.

B.Sc., (Hons.) Acadia University
M.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Ph.D., University of (New Brunswick
Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


My main interests are in the area of animal population biology. More specifically, my research focuses on characterizing aspects of the biology of animal populations that help explain the causes and predict the consequences of population structure (e.g., resource requirements, social structure). Such research areas are important on at least two levels. First, such questions are vital for increasing our understanding of evolution and evolutionary processes. Second, managing wildlife populations requires data on which to make reliable inferences on biology. Therefore, from a conservation perspective such research areas are critically important.

In the past number of years my students and I have concentrated our research efforts in understanding the biology of bats. Although bats are often a maligned group of animals they are a fascinating group from a number of perspectives. Bat populations are dwindling over much of their ranges for a number of reasons and so a greater understanding of their biology is essential for managing these populations.

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