Department of Biology

Doug Strongman, Ph.D.

B.Sc., University of New Brunswick
M.Sc., University of Victoria
Ph.D.,University of New Brunswick
Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


My main areas of interest are mycology (the study of fungi) and entomology (the study of insects). Specifically, I am interested in the ecology and taxonomy of fungi and the relationships that exist between insects and some fungi that are associated with them. I am interested in both pathogenic as well as symbiotic fungi that live in and on insects.

I have assisted many students in their interests in insect ecology, particularly flies (Calliphoridae) that are associated with decomposing bodies of animals (carrion). The application of carrion insect ecology is also of interest to me and my students because it can have an important application in the realm of forensic entomology which is the use of basic ecological information on flies to help establish time since death in medical or legal cases where the decomposing body is human.

I routinely teach courses in mycology, entomology and introductory plant biology. I am also interested in the graduate MSc in Applied Science program here and co-teach the graduate seminar course with colleagues in other departments.

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