Department of Biology

David Dansereau, Ph.D.

FTFImage6BSc (Genetics and Molecular Biology) – University of Alberta
PhD (Developmental Genetics) – University of Alberta
Postdoc (Stem Cell Biology) – McGill University
Lecturer, Department of Biology, Saint Mary’s University


I think the most interesting problem in biology is to understand how genes interact with one another to define different types of cells during animal development.  At the University of Alberta I studied the genetic control of fruit fly wing development, where cells communicate with one another to elaborate the complex pattern of an adult wing.  At McGill University, I studied cell communication in fruit fly ovaries, where germline and somatic cells communicate to maintain a population of stem cells throughout adult life.  As a Lecturer at SMU, I strive to bring students on a tour of modern genetics, cell and molecular biology.


Biology 1201 Cell and Molecular Biology
Biology 1202 Organismal and Ecological Biology
Biology 2321 Cell Biology I
Biology 3420 Cell Biology II