Department of Astronomy & Physics


Graduate course offerings consist of formal lecture courses, six of which are designated as "core courses" (and indicated below with asterisks), research courses including Master's Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertation, and seminars such as "Journal Club". Detailed descriptions are found in the current Graduate Calendar.

Core Courses

ASTR 5400.1(.2) Stellar Astrophysics I
ASTR 5410.1(.2) Introduction to Stellar Atmospheres
ASTR 5420.1(.2) The Interstellar Medium
ASTR 5500.1(.2) Galactic Astronomy (Winter 2010)
ASTR 5510.1(.2) Extragalactic Astronomy
ASTR 5600.1(.2) Cosmology

Lecture Courses

ASTR 5200.1(.2) Astronomical Instruments and Techniques
ASTR 5210.1(.2) Computational Methods in Astrophysics
ASTR 5430.1(.2) Binary and Variable Stars
ASTR 5600.1(.2) Clusters of Galaxies

ASTR 5700.1(.2) Magnetohydrodynamics
ASTR 5710.1(.2) Astrophysical Dynamics
ASTR 6400.1(.2) Stellar Astrophysics II
ASTR 6800.1(.2) Selected Topics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
ASTR 6810.1(.2) Directed Readings Current Literature

Research, Thesis, Seminar Courses


ASTR 5900.1(.2) Graduate Seminar I
ASTR 5980.1(.2) Research Project I
ASTR 5981.1(.2) Research Project II
ASTR 6900.1(.2) Graduate Seminar II
ASTR 6990.0 Master's Thesis
ASTR 8990.0 Doctoral Dissertation