Department of Anthropology

Laboratories and Field Schools

The Anthropology Department operates four laboratories:

  • Archaeology Laboratory
    In the Archaeology Laboratory students have the opportunity to work with artifacts of the material culture of past and present Nova Scotians.
  • Communications Laboratory
    The Communications Laboratory is equipped for the study and analysis of linguistic data and language dynamics.
  • Biological and Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
    This laboratory contains bones, casts, and demonstration material for the study of human evolution, human variation and the forensic application of human skeletal analysis.
  • Nellie B. Gray Socio-cultural Anthropology Laboratory
    This laboratory allows students to explore both material and non-material aspects of the world's cultures




Field Schools in Archaeology

The Department usually operates an historical archaeological field school every summer in Nova Scotia. Every other summer, the Department also expects to operate a forensic archaeology field school. Opportunities for occasional archaeology fieldwork sometimes occur during the academic year. For more information, consult the Anthropology Courses link or contact Department Chairperson, Dr. Rylan Higgins at

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