Department of Anthropology

Faculty and Staff

Full Time

L. Eastham 
902-491-6447 (MS224) 
PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor, Evolutionary anthropology; primate paleobiology; paleoecology; stable isotopes; trace elements; human niche construction; developmental plasticity

J. Fowler 
902-420-5631 (MS226)
PhD (Oxford), Associate Professor. Archaeology and colonialism; landscape archaeology; material culture and identity; archaeological geophysics; public archaeology.

902-420-5629 (MS227) 
PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor. Linguistic anthropology; China; global languages (English and Chinese); language teaching; modernity and cosmopolitanism.

R. Higgins
Chairperson 902-420-5627 (MS215)
PhD (Arizona), Associate Professor. Socio-cultural anthropology; the anthropology of food labour and marginality; social class, gender and consumerism; visual anthropology; engaged and public anthropology; United States and Viet Nam.

M. MacCarthy
902-420-5059 (MS219)
PhD (Auckland). Assistant Professor. Socio-cultural anthropology; The Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea/Oceania; Anthropology of tourism; gender; economic anthropology; Christianity, witchcraft and sorcery; methods and theory.

T. R. Peckmann 
902-496-8719 (MS217)
PhD (Cape Town, South Africa), Full Professor. Forensic Anthropology; Indigenous peoples of Canada and South Africa; Human skeletal morphometrics.

Cross Appointment

A. H. O'Malley
(IDST) 902-491-6221
PhD (Dalhousie). Latin America; theory/policy nexus; ideology and culture; politics of environment; community and structure.


S.J. Beanlands
MA (Saint Mary's), Principal and Senior Archaeologist, Boreas Heritage Consulting Inc. Cultural resource management; applied archaeology; public archaeology; material culture research.

H. Cary
PhD (Royal Military College of Canada), Archaeologist and built heritage specialist at Golder Associates Ltd. Historical archaeology; field methods in archaeology; military archaeology,  architecture, and engineering; Buildings archaeology and Canadian vernacular architecture; landscape survey and mapping.

K. Cottreau-Robins
PhD (Dalhousie), Curator of Archaeology, Nova Scotia Museum, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. Historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; African diaspora archaeology; Atlantic World history; urban archaeology; proto-historic/fur trade period archaeology; Maritime region pre-contact archaeology.

J. L. Cormack 
PhD (University of Liverpool), Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Mount Royal University. Archaeology and biological anthropology; prehistory; paleoanthropology; history of race; human osteology; lithics: Jordan; sub-Saharan Africa, China.

D. Grimes-MacLellan
PhD (University of Illinois), Associate Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan.  Sociocultural and cognitive anthropology; practice theory; education; identity; gender; film/media studies; childhood and adolescence; qualitative methodology; Japan; East Asia.

T. Sable
PhD (New Brunswick), Director of the Office of Aboriginal and Northern Research, Saint Mary's University. Cultural anthropology; indigenous science education; circumpolar studies and research; applied research/community development; youth cultures; cultural landscapes; climate change.

Professor Emeritus

S. A. Davis
DPhil (Oxford), Professor. Archaeology of the anonymous; archaeological evaluation of excavations; Canadian prehistory; historical archaeology; world prehistory.

Part Time 

A. Swiatoniowski

A. Taylor


Aaron Taylor has worked as a professional archaeologist for almost a decade and is the senior archaeologist and president of True North Archaeological Consultants & Associates. He has participated and led excavations on both historical and pre-contact sites. Some of these include excavations at the Grand Pre UNESCO World Heritage site, Beachville Black Refugee site, Gaspereau Lake Pre-contact site, Prescott House Public Archaeology Program, and the Planters’ Barracks Inn Public Archaeology Program, to name a few.  He is also a part-time instructor at Acadia University in the History Department and a part-time faculty member in the Anthropology Department at Saint Mary’s University.

He holds a BA degree from Acadia University, an Honours BA in Anthropology and an MA in Historical Archaeology from Saint Mary’s University. He is currently a PhD candidate in the IDPhD program at Dalhousie University. His thesis research examines sea-level rise, drowned landscapes and predicting settlement patterns of pre-contact societies in the Maritime Provinces.

Aaron has traveled extensively throughout Latin America spending a great deal of time in Mexico and Cuba and is fluent in Spanish. He lives with his wife and two daughters on a small hobby farm in the Annapolis Valley.


Secretary, 902-420-5628 (MS218)

A. Swiatoniowski
Laboratory Technician