Executive and Professional Development

Engaging Stakeholders

In today’s complex world you need to engage many other stakeholders in your change initiative and get their ‘buy-in’ and commitment to moving forward. Often you need to engage them in co-creating the way forward, aligning many different agendas and needs.

As the old adage says, people don’t resist change. They resist being changed. One of the greatest reasons that most change projects fail is forcing change on others rather than investing the time to engage them and build their buy-in and commitment. Most people say they don’t have the time to do this, but they always seem to have time to deal with the mess that happens afterwards when they don’t. This program will show step-by-step how to engage and involve your stakeholders – employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, members of your community and more.

These are especially relevant with the different demands laid out by the younger generations in the workforce. Unlike boomers, they will not simply do as they are directed. They need to understand and buy-in to their work and they need to be engaged. This course will provide you with a proven framework for engaging stakeholders both within and outside of your organization, and at all levels. You will also learn a five-step method for building buy-in and commitment to change, no matter how large your change project. You’ll learn how to apply this process with individuals and with multiple stakeholders.

Engaging Stakeholders is a required seminar for the Certificate in Engaging Stakeholders and Leading Change.

DATES - 2 Day Seminar

May 7 - 8, 2020

Facilitator: Ravi Tangri, MSc, MBA
Location: Saint Mary’s University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS


Program Content

Defining change leadership for today

  • Discover how leadership has evolved
  • Learn the 8 characteristics of effective change leadership
  • Find out how to measure leadership with hard metrics, including dollars and cents
  • Learn why visionary or transformational leadership just isn’t enough any more
  • Discover the secret to engaging the younger members of the workforce
  • Understand why co-creative leadership is so essential in today’s fast-changing times

Engaging key stakeholders and ‘selling’ change

  • Learn how to identify and understand the other stakeholders
  • Find out how to engage the other players involved, both inside and outside your organization
  • Discover how to engage and get buy-in/commitment to change from the other players
  • Getting commitment to change on a large scale with multiple stakeholders
  • Discover the secret strategy to get all stakeholders on the same page

How to engage stakeholders and build commitment on a large scale

  • Discover the 5-step process for engaging your stakeholders and getting ‘buy-in’ to change on a large scale
  • Find out what the two core secrets are to building alignment and commitment
  • Learn how to engage key players and get buy-in step-by-step
  • Learn how to apply this framework with individuals and with multiple stakeholders

What You Will Learn

  • How to engage key stakeholders from both within and outside of your organization
  • How to ‘sell’ change up, down, across and outside your organization
  • How to measure effective leadership in concrete, objective terms, and how to grow your leadership
  • How to clarify and communicate your vision and goals
  • How to engage individuals, organizations and groups of people in co-creating new ways forward
  • How to get multiple stakeholders on the same page

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • are an executive or manager tasked with making change work
  • are working on large-scale system-wide change
  • have to engage other players and get their commitment to change
  • are part of a team assigned to design and implement change
  • want to maintain your competitive advantage