Executive and Professional Development

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In today’s world change is the routine. Half of everything you know about doing your job will be obsolete in 3 - 4 years – the trouble is nobody knows which half.

To lead successfully in this fast-changing and complex world, you have to be able to engage multiple stakeholders and tap their strengths to create win-win-win solutions, get buy-in and commitment to ongoing change, and break away from ‘the way it’s always been done’ to create solutions that will work not only today, but tomorrow. On top of this, we are moving into the greatest labour crisis in history as the baby boomers retire en masse, and younger workers have different demands and expectations. They have zero tolerance for autocrats and bureaucrats – they want coaches and mentors, not bosses – and they want to be engaged in developing the strategies they implement. This certificate program provides you with the foundational skills you need to navigate complexity and lead co-creatively.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate must be completed within a two-year period. Participants must complete all three required seminars and the Applied Study Project in the Making Change Work seminar.

7 Day Certificate


Fee: $2,945
Facilitators: Ravi Tangri MSc, MBA, and Crane Wood Stookey
Location: Saint Mary’s University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS


3 Required Seminars

Making Change Work - Apply a proven process to ensure complex change will work in your organization

  • 3 DAYS
    October 7 - 9, 2019
    March 23 - 25, 2020

Engaging Stakeholders - A proven framework for engaging stakeholders at all levels, within and outside your organization

  • 2 DAYS
    December 2 - 3, 2019
    May 7 - 8, 2020

Aligning Team and Organization: The Personal Approach - How to skillfully align your organizational needs with your team’s needs

  • 2 DAYS
    February 3 - 4, 2020
    June 15 - 16, 2020