Peace & Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies (PCST)

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A minor in Peace and Conflict Studies is available to undergraduate students in all three faculties. This minor offers students flexibility in their choice of disciplinary areas of study while promoting a broad multidisciplinary understanding of peace and conflict topics.

Minor Program (Interdisciplinary)
As a minor, students are required to earn twenty-four (24) credit hours at the 2000 level or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.00 in Peace and Conflict relevant courses. A minimum of twelve (12) credit hours are required from the Humanities and a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours are required from the Social Sciences. Available courses will be posted each year through the Faculty of Arts web site at
The courses below form a partial list of approved courses for the Peace and Conflict Studies Minor. Other courses may be eligible for credit – please consult the Coordinator or the BA Advising Centre. Please note that not all courses below are offered every year, and some courses may have prerequisites.


CLAS 2453 Republic and Revolution: Roman History I [HIST 2453]
CLAS 2500 War and Society in the Ancient Mediterranean [HIST 2500]
CLAS 3411 Great Trials of Ancient Athens
CLAS 3420 International Relations Eastern Mediterranean Style

EDUC 4461 Language, Culture, and Education

ENGL 4427 Language, Gender and Power [LING 3427; WMST 4427]
ENGL 4466 Representations of Indigenous Womanhood
ENGL 4493 Doing Discourse Analysis [LING 4493]
ENGL 4494 Approaches to Discourse Analysis [LING 4494]

HIST 2317 Africa in the 20th Century: Colonialism and Independence
HIST 2336 Revolution, Reform and Respectability: Britain 1688 - 1870
HIST 2355 Late Tokugawa and Imperial Japan: 1800-1945
HIST 2382 China in Revolution: 1800-1949
HIST 2393 History of Vietnam
HIST 2394 History of Korea
HIST 2402 History of Cuba
HIST 2420 The World at War, 1914-1918
HIST 2421 The World at War, 1939 – 1945
HIST 2440 Revolutions in Latin America
HIST 2826 WW War and Society
HIST 3110 Women in the Two World Wars
HIST 3417 War and Memory in the Twentieth Century
HIST 3460 Issues in Modern Irish History [IRST 3460]
HIST 3475 Indigenous and Settler Histories
HIST 4520 Nazi Germany, Occupied Europe and the Holocaust
HIST 4572 Memories of WW II in China
HIST 4573 The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire

Irish Studies
IRST 3325 The Irish and Atlantic Canada [ACST 3325]

Religious Studies
RELS 2342 Violence
RELS 2350 Faith in Action: Religion and Social Movements


ANTH 3334 Warfare and Aggression: Anthropological Approaches to Human Conflict
ANTH 3572 Archaeology of Empire
ANTH 4474 Human Variation
CRIM 3205 Restorative Justice in Theory
CRIM 3505 Prisons and Punishment
CRIM 3507 Policing and Society
CRIM 3509 Victims and Criminal Justice
CRIM 3526 Organized Crime
CRIM 3610 Practicum in Social Development
CRIM 4303 Canadian Penal Policy, Practices, and Research
CRIM 4420 Genocide
CRIM 4610 Practicum in Community Development

Political Science
POLI 3456 Issues in International Security
POLI 4001 Politics and Peace: Northern Ireland

Social Justice & Community Studies
SJCS 3220 Race, Racism and Colonialism

SOCI 3423 Ethnic Conflict