Marketing (MKTG)

Marketing (MKTG)

The Department of Marketing offers a program for marketing majors which, in addition to the general requirements for a Bachelor of Commerce degree as outlined in Section 3 of this Calendar, requires students to take MKTG 3376 (Consumer Behaviour), MKTG 3378 (Marketing Research), MKTG 3379 (Marketing Management), MKTG 4479 (Marketing Policy) and six (6) credit hours additional electives. For additional information, students should consult the Chairperson and/or faculty advisors. The Department administers the communications courses [COMM 2293 and COMM 3394] described earlier in this Calendar.

Marketing Major

Upon completion of 45 credit hours, Commerce students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 may elect to declare a major in Marketing. (In exceptional circumstances, students can also be admitted to the major by permission of the Chairperson.)

Note: Students are advised that possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to a particular academic program. Limits to the number of students who can be in a particular program at any one time exist and depend very much on the number of faculty members available in a particular academic unit.

To complete a major in Marketing, students must attain a minimum grade point average of 2.2 in MKTG 2270 and the 3rd and 4th year MKTG courses (as indicated below by*).

Year 3

FINA 2360     Business Finance I
FINA 3361     Business Finance II
MGMT 3480   Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
*MKTG 3376  Consumer Behaviour
*MKTG 3378  Marketing Research
*MKTG 3379  Marketing Management
Nine (9) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
Three (3) credit hours in free electives
Year 4

MGMT 4489  Strategic Management
*MKTG 4479  Marketing Policy
*Six (6) credit hours in Marketing electives
Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
Twelve (12) credit hours free electives