Japanese (JPNS)

Course Descriptions

1100 Introductory Japanese
6 credit hours

An introductory language course for those beginning the study of Japanese language and culture. Classroom activities will provide practice in pronunciation and the use of basic patterns of speech. Written Japanese will be introduced and studied.

2200 Intermediate Japanese
6 credit hours
Prerequisite: JPNS 1100 or equivalent.

A continuation of introductory Japanese, intended to develop proficiency in oral, aural and written Japanese within the context of Japanese culture.

3300 Advanced Oral and Written Japanese I
3 credit hours
Prerequisite: JPNS 2200

This course offers an opportunity to build and refine students’ ability to comprehend and to communicate effectively in Japanese.

3301 Advanced Oral and Written Japanese II
3 credit hours
Prerequisite: JPNS 3300

This course is a continuation of JPNS 3300.

3303 Advanced Japanese
6 credit hours
Prerequisites: JPNS 2200

This course is intended to offer students an opportunity to refine their ability to comprehend and communicate in the target language within the cultural context of Japan.

3826-3848 Special Topics in Japanese Language and Culture
3 credit hours
Prerequisites: JPNS 3303 or permission of the instructor.

Students will focus on the further development of advanced Japanese language skills such as translation, interpretation, and writing.  The important aspects of Japanese literature, arts and culture will be highlighted.