Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies

A minor in Indigenous Studies is available to undergraduate students in all three faculties. This minor offers students flexibility in their choice of disciplinary areas of study while promoting a broad interdisciplinary understanding of Aboriginal / Indigenous topics.

The Indigenous Studies minor has an evolving curriculum, dependent on course offerings in departments and programs. Since the development of new courses and changes to existing courses is an ongoing process, students interested in Indigenous Studies should consider this list as a guide and consult with the contact person and the BA Advising Centre about their specific program.

Minor Program (interdisciplinary)

As in interdisciplinary minor, students are required to earn 24 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.00 in Indigenous relevant courses with no more than 12 credit hours from any one discipline or interdisciplinary area and no more than 12 credit hours at the 1000 level.

Applicable courses are posted through the Faculty of Arts web site. For students pursuing this minor courses are approved by the Program Coordinator through the BA Advising Centre.

The courses below form a parial list of approved courses for the Indigenous Studies Minor. Other courses may be eligible for credit – please consult the BA Advising Centre. Please note that not all courses below are offered every year, and some courses may have prerequisites.



ANTH 2273 Who Owns the Past?

ANTH 2311 Ethnology: Melanesia

ANTH 2316 Indigenous Peoples of Canada

ANTH 3371 Prehistory of Canada

ANTH 3379 The Archaeology of Acadia

ANTH 3396 Language Use and Issues in Canada [LING 3396]

Atlantic Canada Studies

ACST 1207 Mi’kmaw Language - Introductory I

ACST 1208 Mi`Kmaw Language – Introductory II

ACST 2341 Atlantic Provinces History, to Confederation [HIST 2341]

ACST 3345 First Nations of the Atlantic Region

ACST 4543 Indigenous Peoples in Atlantic Canada: Contemporary Issues


ENGL 2461 Mi’kmaq Storytelling and Literature

ENGL 3521 North American Indigenous Literature: United States

ENGL 3522 North American Indigenous Literature: Canada

ENGL 4465 Indigenous Literature Seminar

ENGL 4466 Representations of Indigenous Womanhood


HIST 2341 Atlantic Provinces History, to Confederation

HIST 3475 Indigenous and Settler Histories

Religious Studies

RELS 3354 Aboriginal Peoples, Religion, and the Justice System

Social Justice and Community Studies

SJCS 3220 Race, Racism and Colonialism

SJCS 4570 Indigenous-Settler Relations