Health, Wellness & Sport in Society

Health, Wellness and Sport in Society (HWSS)

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The Certificate in Health, Wellness and Sport in Society (CHWSS) is an interdisciplinary certificate administered by the Faculty of Arts in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Sport and Health.

The Certificate is designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge of the social study of health, wellness and sport in their social context.
The Certificate encompasses a set of questions that engage the social, cultural, political and moral aspects of health, wellness and sport. It will be attractive to students from all three faculties.

Additional information on the application process is available on their web site ( ).

Note: For Experiential Learning in Health, Wellness and Sport in Society (HWSS 3000) the program may require a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or Child Abuse Registry checks (CAR), or additional qualifications. Costs associated with such requirements are the responsibility of the student and evidence of such requirements must be provided before beginning HWSS 3000.

Students can apply to following the completion of nine (9) credit hours, and enter the program following the completion of eighteen (18) credit hours.
• The minimum GPA to enter the program is 2.3 (C+) and students must achieve a minimum of B in the HWSS 2000.1 to continue in the Certificate program.
• Students must achieve a Program Grade Point Average of 2.3 (C+) to fulfill the requirements for this credential.
• Students must complete twenty-four (24) credit hours as follows:

Certificate Courses

1. Nine (9) credit hours of required core courses:
• HWSS 2000 Health, Wellness and Sport in Society: An Introduction
• HWSS 3000 Experiential Learning in Health, Wellness and Sport in Society
• HWSS 4000 Seminar in Health, Wellness and Sport in Society
• a minimum of six credit hours from the following

2. Six (6) credit hours from Group A courses below:
• ANTH 3201 The Anthropology of Food
• ANTH 3303/WMST 3303 Sex, Gender and Society
• ENGL 3343 Cultural Studies
• HIST 3201 The Trouble with Normal
• HIST 3202 History of Medicine
• HIST 3420 History of Sport and Leisure in the Modern World
• POLI 3245 Public Policy I
• POLI 3246 Public Policy II
• PSYC 3335 Abnormal Psychology: History and Theory
• SOCI 3402 Social Problems

3. Nine (9) credit hours selected from either Group A (above) or from Group B (listed below).
Other applicable courses are posted through the Faculty of Arts web site at

2301 Anthropology of Childhood
3303 Sex, Gender and Society [WMST 3303]
3376 Archaeology of Death

2400 Health and Social Policy in Atlantic Canada
2471 History of Football (Cross-listed as HIST 2471)
2472 History of Hockey (Cross-listed as HIST 2472)
3320 Gender in Atlantic Canada
4400 Health, Illness and Disease in Atlantic Canada

3505 Prisons and Punishment
3509 Victims and Criminal Justice
3511 Youth Crime and Moral Panics
3546 Crime and the Media

2318 The Writer and Nature
4493 Doing Discourse Analysis (Cross-listed as LING 4493)
4494 Approaches to Discourse Analysis (Cross-listed as LING 4494)

2200 Fundamentals of Human Geography
3312 Urban Land Use
3329 Geographical Perspectives on Nature
3343 Weather and Climate
4442 Urban Planning
4443 Natural Hazards

2201 Environmental History of Europe, 1300 - 1900
2250 Soccer: A History of Brazil
2471 History of Football (Cross-listed as ACST 2471)
2472 History of Hockey (Cross-listed as ACST 2472)
3415 The Family in Europe 1400-1900
3416 Love and Family in China

4466 Urbanization and Development
4470 Environment and Development

3350 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Linguistics
3427 Language, Gender and Power (Cross-listed as ENGL 4427)

2302 Ethics
2318 Science and Society
2330 Philosophy of Religion
2368 Bioethics
2401 Games and Sports

3205 Politics and Sex
3330 Public Administration
4449 Public Policy Challenges: Gender, Race and Class (Cross listed as WMST 4449)

3329 Child Development
3332 Adolescent Development
3347 Longevity and Aging
3348 Gender Roles
3349 Drugs and Behaviour
3351 Prevention and Treatment of Addictions
3355 Cognitive Psychology
3360 Applied Sport Psychology
4417 Interpersonal Relationships
4420 Disabilities
4421 History of Psychology
4434 Personality
4436 Counselling and Psychotherapy
4456 Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy
4489 Positive Psychology
4490 Health Psychology
4497 Community Psychology

1351 Love
2330 Spirituality and Work
2347 Ecology and Religion
2350 Faith in Action: Religion and Social Movements
2352 Death
3330 Spirituality in the Workplace
3348 Ecological Crisis: Religious Perspectives
3349 Science and Religion
3354 Indigenous Peoples, Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice

3408 Urban Social Justice

3000 Social Inequality