Global Business Management

Global Business Management

Please consult the B.Comm. Advising Centre.

Globalization has been a reality for Canadian businesses large and small for some time now. In order to survive, even small companies often have to compete directly with large international organizations. Most organizations are much more diverse than they were even a year or two ago. Many of our graduates will no doubt experience rewarding international placements and foreign travel as their careers develop. It will be unusual to work in firms without employees and clients who originate from different corners of the world. In order to develop synergy in this new business environment, it will be necessary to learn to work together, to communicate effectively, and to manage as a unit people coming from very different experiences, cultures, values, and expectations.

If managers wish to remain competitive, they must learn to adapt psychologically, to communicate effectively, and interact socially with other cultures. International managers are expected to speak more than one foreign language. The Bachelor of Commerce in Global Business Management offers the opportunity to study the skills essential for a successful international career.

Note: Students are advised that possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to a particular academic program. Limits to the number of students who can be in a particular program at any one time exist and depend very much on the number of faculty members available in a particular academic unit.

Years 1, 2 are outlined in Section 3 of this academic calendar.

Note:  In addition to all other requirements for the major, a minimum GPA of 2.2 out of 4.3 is required in: ACCT 3357, MKTG 3375, FINA 4476, MGMT 4488, and the geographic and cognate electives completed in fulfillment of this major. (Courses included in the GPA calculation are indicated by *).

Year 3

ACCT 3332    Planning and Control - see Note (viii)
*ACCT 3357 International Accounting
FINA 2360     Business Finance I
FINA 3361     Business Finance II
MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
*MKTG 3375        International Marketing
Language electives [six (6) credit hours] (same language as Year 4 elective)
*Geographic electives [six (6) credit hours] [see note (a) below]

Year 4

*FINA 4476   International Financial Management
*MGMT 4488 International Business Management
MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
Language electives [six (6) credit hours] (same language as Year 3 elective)
*Geographic electives [six (6) credit hours] [see note (a) below]
*Cognate electives [six (6) credit hours] [see note (b) below]
Free electives [three (3) credit hours]


(a) If the non-Commerce elective in Year 1 was a Modern Language, then this requirement can be replaced with six (6) credit hours in free electives.

(b) In cases where a student is fluent in two languages, other courses relevant to the major may be substituted for the language credits with the approval of the Program Coodinator.

(c) Credit must be in the same language as Year 3 language credit.

(d) Geographic electives must be selected from the approved lists below for any of the following regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, or Europe unless another has been approved by the Program Director.

(e) Cognate electives must be selected from the approved lists below unless, on an individual basis, they have been approved by the Program Coordinator.

(f)  If ECON 3310, ECON 3312, ECON 3315ECON 3322, ECON 3324, ECON 3325, ECON 3327ECON 3365ECON 4410ECON 4413, or ECON4414 were used to satisfy the Economics elective in Year 2, the number of free electives is increased by three (3) credit hours.

(g) Notwithstanding the course substitutions possible in notes (b) and (f), all students must complete at least twenty- four (24) credit hours of non-commerce electives.

(h) Students cannot receive credit for both ACCT 3332 and ACCT 3333 or ACCT 3335.

Approved Electives Offered at Saint Mary’s University

Please be advised that not all courses may be offered each year.


RELS 2323  The Islamic Religious Tradition
HIST 2317 Africa in the 20th Century: Colonialism and Independence
IDST 4462 Sub-Saharan Africa: Contemporary Development Issues
POLI 3314 Politics of the Developing Areas


ANTH 2316 Native Peoples of Canada
ACST 1000 Making Sense of Atlantic Canada
ACST 2311  Inheriting Atlantic Canada: The Cultural Past
ACST 2400 Health and Social Policy in Atlantic Canada
ACST 3310 The Atlantic Fisheries
ACST 3312 The Culture of Atlantic Canada II
ACST 3321 African Nova Scotia Culture
ACST 3325 The Irish and Atlantic Canada
ACST 3470 The British Black Atlantic
ECON 3322 Canadian Economic Issues
ECON 3324 The Atlantic Economy
ECON 3325 Atlantic Economy Seminar
FREN 3312 Introduction to Quebec Culture
GEOG 2310 Geography of Canada: Overview
GEOG 3340 Geography of Nova Scotia
GEOG 3454 Bay of Fundy: Environments and Issues
GEOG 2391 Geography of Ireland
GEOL 1203 Earth History: Atlantic Canada Perspective
GEOL 1208 Environmental Geology: Atlantic Canada Perspective
HIST 1252 Canada to Confederation
HIST 1253 Canada: Confederation to Present
HIST 1255 The United States: 1865 to the Present
HIST 1260 History of the Americas
HIST 2318 The United States and the World since 1865
HIST 2319 Canadian-American Relations
HIST 2340 History of Atlantic Provinces
HIST 2401 Canadian Political History
HIST 2402 History of Cuba
HIST 2403 History of Canadian Culture(s)
HIST 3100 Canadian Women
HIST 3352 Race and Racism in the United States
HIST 3403 The Invention of Canada
HIST 3480 Afro-Brazilian History
HIST 4401 Crime in Canada
HIST 4519 Seminar in Modern European History
HIST 4520 Germany, Occupied Europe and the Holocaust
HIST 4530 Forced and Free Migration in Latin America
HIST 4567 British Colonization
POLI 2304 Canadian Politics in the 21st Century
POLI 2307 Provincial Government and Politics
POLI 3312 American Government
POLI 3314 Politics of the Developing Areas
POLI 3315 Canadian Foreign Policy
POLI 3440 Canadian-American Relations
POLI 3447 Canadian Political Parties
POLI 3450 Women and Canadian Politics 
POLI 3454 Issues in Canadian Defence
RELS 3355 Religion and Social Issues in Canada
RELS 3358 Religious Diversity in Canada
SPAN 1000 Introduction to Latin American Studies
SPAN 3304 Americas: The Changing Face of Latin America
SPAN 3310 Latin America Culture


ANTH 2311 Ethnology: Melanesia
ANTH 2326 Contemporary East Asia
ANTH 2327 Japanese Society
ASNT 1105 Introduction to Chinese Culture
ASNT 1106 Introduction to Japanese Culture
ASNT 2303 Contemporary Japan: Institutions and Culture
ASNT 2305 Contemporary China: Institutions and Culture
ASNT 3300 Multidisciplinary Study of Asia
ASNT 3302 Japan in Film and Literature
ASNT 3310 Chinese Film and Literature
ASNT 4400 Seminar in Asian Studies
ECON 3327 Asia Pacific Economics
HIST 1222 Introduction to East Asian History
HIST 2354 Japan before 1800
HIST 2355 Late Tokugawa and Imperial Japan: 1800-1945
HIST 2356 Japan since 1945
HIST 2381 China before 1800
HIST 2382 China in Revolution: 1800-1949
HIST 2383 China Since 1949
HIST 2393 History of Vietnam
HIST 2394 History of Korea
HIST 3371 The Chinese Cultural Revolution in History and Memory
HIST 3416 Love and Family in China
HIST 4572 Memories of WW II in China
HIST 4573 The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire
IDST 4461 South East Asia: Contemporary Development Issues
POLI 3314 Politics of the Developing Areas
POLI 3318 Politics of the Middle East
RELS 2323 The Islamic Religious Tradition
RELS 2327 The Buddhist Religious Tradition
RELS 3010 Vietnamese Religious Traditions
RELS 3337 Religious and Art: The East


CLAS 1001 Ancient Civilizations of the Near East and Egypt
CLAS 1002 The Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome
CLAS 2451[HIST 2451] Greek History I: From Minos to Medes
CLAS 2452 [HIST 2452] Greek History II: The Golden Age of Greece
CLAS 2454 [HIST 2454] Bloody Ceasars: Roman History II
CLAS 3317 Greek Sanctuaries
FREN 2260 Introduction to Francophone Cultures
FREN 3310 Introduction to French Culture
GEOG 2390 Geography of Ireland
GRMN 3306 German Culture and Civilization
GRMN 3307 Introduction to German Literature
GRMN 3308 Modern German Literature
GRMN 3309 Contemporary German Culture
HIST 1215 [IRST 1215] Ireland: An Introduction
HIST 2303 Tudor and Stuart Britain
HIST 2336 Revolution, Reform and Respectability: Britain 1688-1870
HIST 2397 The Lingering Death of Imperial Britain: 1870-1982
HIST 3301 Crime and Punishmentin England Before1800
HIST 3303 Law and Society in Britain 1500-1800
HIST 3405 Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe
HIST 3415 The Family in Europe 1400-1900
HIST 3460 Issues in Modern Irish History
HIST 3465 Scotland’s Histories
HIST 4200 Women’s Rights in Britain 1500-1925
IRST 1215 Ireland: An Introduction
IRST 1216 Ireland: Culture and Society
IRST 2346[LING 2346] A Sociolinguistic History of Ireland
IRST 3787 Ireland in an Age of Globalization
IRST 4566 Irish Migration
PHIL 2345 Greek Philosophy: The Presocratics and Plato
PHIL 2346 Greek Philosophy: Aristotle and The Hellenists
POLI 3316 Politics in the European Union

Cognate Electives

ANTH 1290 Introduction to Language and Society
ANTH 2301 Anthropology of Children and Childhood 
ANTH 3301 Nature of Culture
ANTH 3302 Social Organization 
ANTH 3304 Egalitarian Societies 
ANTH 3305 Chiefdoms 
ANTH 3309 Peasant Society and Culture 
ANTH 3329 The Arctic Culture Area 
ANTH 3334 Warfare and Aggression: Anthropological Approaches to Human Conflict 
ANTH 3366 Worldview: Anthropological Approaches  
ECON 3310 Development Economics 
ECON 3315 Comparative Economic Systems 
ECON 3365 International Economic Issues 
ECON 4410 Issues in Economic Development
ECON 4413 International Macroeconomics and Finance 
ECON 4414 International Trade
GEOG 1100 Global Perspectives on Land and Life 
GEOG 1200 People, Place and Environment
GEOG 3321 Economic Globalization: Geography of Manufacturing
HIST 1201 Civilization in the West
IDST 4470 Environment and Development
PHIL 2305 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2312 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL 2325 Philosophical Issues in International Development
POLI 1250 Politics and Globalization
POLI 2305 International Relations
POLI 3321 International Organization
POLI 3322 Global Political Economy
POLI 3456 Issues in International Security
POLI 4402 Model United Nations
POLI 4451 Gender and International Relations [WMST 4451]
RELS 1220 Introduction to Comparative Religions, I
RELS 1221 Introduction to Comparative Religions, II
RELS 1251 Religion in Contemporary Culture
RELS 2330 Spirtuality and Work
RELS 2347 Ecology and Religion
SOCI 3386 Sociology of Developing Societies
WMST 3387 Women and Development
WMST 4422 Gender and Development: Theory and Method
WMST 4423 Gender and Development: Policy and Practice

** Other on-campus courses may meet these requirements. In order to do so they must be approved by the coordinator of the program and this can be done only with the submission of appropriate course outlines.

* Courses may be taken at other institutions subject to the approval of the Program Coordinator and the Dean of Sobey School of Business.