Course descriptions

2494 Creative Destruction and Innovation: Theories and Concepts

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: Completion of at least thirty (30) credit hours

Students are exposed to topics of innovation and entrepreneurship as catalyst for economic activity, and the characteristics and behaviours of innovators and entrepreneurs. The focus is on current methodologies like design thinking, observation, brainstorming, and ideation to identify and solve significant and complex problems that need a multidisciplinary approach.

3000 Build & Launch – Entrepreneurship

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: ENTR 2494

Entrepreneurial student experience the lean start-up methodology – validating new products and business models using the principles of customer discovery. Student founders explore, create and test minimum viable products to launch and sell, and manage successful enterprises. Through active learning tecniques, students are immersed in building innovations with similarly-minded entrepreneurs.

3380 Family Business

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: completion of at least sixty (60) credit hours

Topics include: income versus. inheritance, management and promotion, bringing non-family resources to the firm, harvest and sell out strategies, succession, deciding to join the family firm, establishing credibility as a daughter or son, stages of family business growth. The course also explores organizational creativity and how innovation is developed and carried out in family business, and the innovation drivers and barriers in family business.

3389 Structuring Lean Start-Up

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: ACCT 2242 and MKTG 2270

Students are introduced to the challenges in starting and running a new venture. Through lectures and cases, students are introduced to the personal qualities that define an entrepreneurial mindset. The concepts necessary to finance and develop innovative ideas are discussed. Each student creates and runs a business for the term, concluding with a trade fair of all student businesses.

4110 Venture Capital

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: 72 credit hours in any Faculty or approval of instructor

Venture Captial is designed to finance rapid-growth, scalable start-ups. Students explore risk-laden investments in entrepreneurial and innovative firms. Students investigate value propositions, financing, and venture teams of clean tech, life sciences, and ICT start-ups. Students practice authoring investment memos. Lectures are supplemented with visits by guest VCs, entrepreneurs, and local living cases.

4220 Sustainable Venture Investment Fund Applied

3 credit hours
Prerequisites: ENTR 4110 or approval of instructor

Students consider the risks associated with entrepreneurial firms by managing a venture fund and making investments in innovative start-ups with sustainable objectives., Students raise fund capital, conduct due diligence, assess the innovative capacity of companies. A highly applied course, students are also mentored by venture capitalists in class.

4487 New Venture Opportunities

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and ENTR 3389

Students are led through the development of the major elements of a business plan for a new venture. As a planning and financing tool, the business plan outlines in detail and specifically quantifies market potential, competition, production and operational requirements, finance, management and the overall feasibility of a possible new venture.

4495 Small Business Performance Improvement

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and completion of at least sixty (60) credit hours

Students to work with a small business owner/manager to identify a small business problem, to develop a workable solution to the problem, and to implement that solution.

4498 Small Business Consultancy

3 credit hours
Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and permission of instructor

This course allows students to gain hands-on business experience by working with clients of the Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre.
Internship: 1 semester