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Arts with Impact Speaker Series
The Faculty is pleased to initiate the Faculty of Arts Alumni Speakers Series. The intent of the series is to provide our students with an enhanced understanding of the diverse career paths open to them as Arts students. The initiative will operate at the Department/Program level, whereby units will identify appropriate former grads and apply for the travel/honorarium funds available. See the Arts Speakers Series guidelines and application. 

Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook (.pdf) has been designed for new colleagues, based on extensive feedback from Saint Mary's community. This Handbook should provide guidance, direction, and support.

Faculty forms

Travel-related forms

Please submit completed forms to the Dean of Arts Office, McNally Main 218, by the nearest deadline date both before and after travelling:

January 3, March 31, May 31, July 31, September 30, and November 30.

Before travelling:

Upon return from travel:

  • Expense Report forms are available on the Financial Services department's SMUport channel.
  • If you are not a member of the SMUport community, access the forms here.

For more details on travel-related expenses, please refer to Financial Services' Travel Information page.