Faculty of Arts

Student Forms

Academic Appeals Form
For final grade appeals

Graduation Application
Deadline for Spring Convocation – September 
Deadline for Fall Convocation– July 
(See Registrar's Office Calendar of Events for specific dates)

Application to Graduate in Absentia
Won't be here for graduation? Use this form.

Application to Withdraw from Graduation

Application for Honors

An overall GPA of at least 3.00 is required to be considered for Honours.

Certificate Programs Application
Certificate programs in Languages and Human Resources (MGMT or PSYC option)

Change of Faculty/Program
To switch faculties or to enter the Dual Degree program

Declaration of Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentrations
Declare or change major(s)/minor(s)/concentrations

Overall GPA must 1.70 to eligible

Faculty of Arts Letter of Permission Process:

  • Fully complete/read Letter of Permission form in the above link.
  • Attach course description (these can usually be found on the institute website.
  • Provide a letter of intent in which you provide the following information:
    • Whether or not you have declared a major.
    • Why you require to take this course at an institute other than Saint Mary's University.
    • Whether or not this is a required course for your major/minor declaration of if you intend to use it as an elective.
    • If this is a required course for your major/minor declaration, you must first see the chair/coordinator of your program for their assessment of transfer credit and initials.
  • Drop your completed application of at the B.A. Advising Centre.
  • We will call you when it has been assessed so that you can pick it and complete the process at the Service Centre.

Returning after voluntary withdrawal of less than 4 years

Readmission Application
Returning after being required to withdraw