The history of Saint Mary's is a living history, and we want to continue to collect the memories of those associated with the University.

If you are a former student, faculty member or staff member and would like to help out with this project, please contact us . At your convenience, we will set up a time for an interviewer to visit you and record your experiences of Saint Mary's.

If you live outside the province, or would prefer not to be interviewed, you can still tell us your stories about Saint Mary's. Use the memory submission form on this page, or simply send us an email at

Memory Submission Form

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(Email address, phone number, and address are not required, but if you do not include at least one we cannot contact you or share your memories with others)
What is your connection with Saint Mary's? If you were a student, when did you attend?
Please share with us some of your memories of your time at Saint Mary's.
For example, we would like to know how big the student body was, who your teachers were, where in the building your classes or rooms were located, your extracurricular activities, etc.
We would like to share your memories with others. Can we post information submitted with this form on our website?